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3003 1100 aluminum strip for insulated glass
Flat Aluminum Strip / Aluminium Strip Price in China

3003 H26 
Thickness: 0.31mm, 0.32mm, 0.33mm
Width: 5mm--50mm
1100 H18 
Thickness: 0.21mm, 0.22mm, 0.235mm
Width: 5mm--50mm
    Hollow glass aluminum spacer is made by 3003 aluminum strip with high frequency welding ,alloy 3003 aluminum strip have good welding performance, with perfect and bright surface. Compared with ordinary aluminum, Signi aluminum high frequency welding aluminum spacer (aluminum) has the following advantages:
1, Rust and corrosion protection, high brightness
2, The surface hole of the aluminum strip is even, the straightness is good, does not deform, the size is stable
3, High strength, good toughness, can be combined with bending device for bending into any angle of the aluminum frame
4, To ensure the activity of molecular sieve, ensure excellent adhesion and various types of rubber
5, Appearance: smooth surface, no bump, uniform pores.
    However some insulated glass aluminum spacer is made by a high purity 1100 aluminum strip as raw material, the surface after treatment, not oxidation, no corrosion, no effect on the desiccant, the effective elimination of atomization phenomenon.

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