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Aluminium Coil Strip for Optical Cable

    This micro aluminium Signi optical braided cable 3m from Cable Power is a high performance cable with a robust aluminium headshell, offering high resolution and accurate digital audio signal transfer for maximum audio clarity.
    These cables are constructed with a multiple tube filled with water blocking jelly giving very high fibre count up to 144 fibre stranded fibre optic cable, they form the backbone of high speed networks. They give flexibility and versatility to networks and can be used for duct, conduits or aerial pipe lines applications.
    Braided for durability and superior protection from abrasion, the cable is also equipped with 24k gold contacts for best connectivity and signal protection. The flexible PVC jacket construction makes installation easy, even in hard to reach areas.
3m cable length
Precision polished end-face for optimal coupling
Spring strain relief protects optical fibre during bending
OD – 5.0mm with RoHS PVC jacket
PE bag for abrasion protection
Hoodcover for dust protection
   Nitrogen gas injected di-electric vibration absorption insulation to reduce digital jitter
Accurate bitstream transfer for clear and smooth sound from your digital audio device
Manufacturer's part CPAL006-3m.

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