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Production Process - Aluminium Coil Strip

1. Melting and Holding Furnace;

  Pure aluminium ingots are melted and alloyed with other elements by means of master alloy such as iron, silicon, manganese and magnesium. The material is analysed and adjusted to ensure the correct composition is achieved, then degassed, filtered and transfered to casting blocks to form aluminium slabs. The slab ends would then be sawn and scalped on both sides by slab saw.

2. Hot Rolling Mesta 1+2 Stands Tandem Mill;
  The scalped slab is then placed inside the preheating furnace to be preheated / homogenized and made ready for the hot rolling process.The heated slab is hot rolled back and forward several times through the hot resersing mill to achieve a certain thickness prior to roll in the 1+2 Stand Tandem Mill.The finished products are hot rolled coils and plate materials for further process.

3. Cold Rolling Davy Machine;
  Aluminium foil is produced by a process of foil rolling and annealing from cold-rolled coils to reach a target thickness under 0.2mm down to 0.006mm (6 micron). In recent years, a greater variety of aluminium foils has been developed to meet diverse market demands of the consumer product market.

4. Annealing Furnace.
  Aluminium coil is placed in the Annealing Furnace by means of heat treatment to reach a specific temper and mechanical properties required by customers.

5. Cutting and Sliting Process - Aluminium Coil Strip


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